Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pineapple has joined the GMO club

Del Monte, one of the biggest distributors of pineapples in the world has been developing a Genetically Modified pineapple that they call Rosé.  The USDA has just approved this GM version of pineapple for eventual sales in the U.S.  It is being grown right now in Costa Rica and is still going through "testing."  The FDA has to give its go ahead as well and then it will have a big fat green light to be imported straight to your dinner table.  

Del Monte's request for approval describes the GMO Rosé variety as having "rose-colored flesh", which the company says comes from the addition of genes from "edible plant species, pineapple and tangerine" genetically modified to change the color of the pineapple.

Just a quick reminder for anyone who missed this post.... Genetically Modified food is UNSTABLE!  There have been studies done that prove that the intended DNA sequence for these crops mutate and change.  And the mutations and changes are unpredictable.  So not too far into the future you could have 20 pineapples in front of you at the grocery store that are all genetically different.  And once you ingest that Genetically Modified crop with the UNNATURAL gene inserted into it, there is a chance that it could alter your DNA as well.  Studies are being done to see if in fact the unstable inserted gene can mutate our own human DNA.... it is not proven yet but I'm not going to be a guinea pig and take the risk.  GMOs are really really bad!  
Companies are eager to produce Genetically Modified crops though because they can patent them and then have exclusive profit rights to that product.  
No one can patent a pineapple... unless you are God.  But insert a "favorable" gene into it that is from another species and all of a sudden you have something that no one else can plant and/or sell without paying you for it.  So the creators and suppliers of the Genetically Modified Crops aren't necessarily trying to slowly kill you.... your health is irrelevant to them.  They are just focused on PROFIT!   
So you might be okay to continue buying conventionally grown pineapple for the next few months maybe.... but be careful because soon most of the pineapples that are not specifically labeled "Organic" will most likely be Genetically Modified spiky toxic fruit.  And last thing.... don't think that you will be alerted when this starts happening.  Unlike a lot of countries across the pond, U.S. companies DO NOT have to label their food as Genetically Modified.  So you will have no idea when this change is made.  Comforting isn't it?



Leslie Murphy said...

I can't decide whether to get more depressed with each post or be happy you are educating/protecting us from CRAP so-called FOOD!!! I'll go with the happy route. luv ya

James Huddleston said...

Interesting blog. Some of what you say is plausible but, to be taken seriously, you might consider posting links to the research that you say supports your views.

Some of what you say undermines your credibility because it reads as illogical conclusion. For example, there is no evidence that a vegetable's DNA, changeable or not, has any effect on your DNA. Organic does not mean that a plant seed is not modified. It means that the farming technique uses reduced pesticides and chemical fertilisers.

But an interesting read on the whole. I think that the word you wanted (at the top) is piqued, rather than peaked.


Ashlie Grow said...

Thank You James for your feedback. I really appreciate constructive critisism! I plan on being much better about posting the sources of everything in my blog when I start posting again in a few months.
There was a study done with soy beans that showed how the inserted gene's promoter and terminator had actually started turning on and off other genes of the soy plant. I will find the study and do an updated post. I am passionate about educating others on what they are eating and my aim is to make this blog a very reliable source of information. I would welcome your feedback on any and all posts I make! Thanks James :-)

Alejandra Espinosa said...

I can hardly wait to read your research about this soy fact... You have an excellent writing style, easy to get the point.
Thank you for sharing!

Michele RFR said...

Great post!! People underestimate the problems with GMOs!

Anonymous said...

Before you blog about GMO's you should probably have a basic concept of science. First up all pineapples are genetically different - just as ever person is genetically different. Secondly GMO's cannot alter your DNA.

Anonymous said...

Eating gmo's can possibly change your dna, look up morgellons disease. Patients with this new disease have a genus gram-negative bacteria present on their skin that is capable of altering plant, animal and human dna. Morgellons is thought to be linked with eating gmo foods.

Kristy said...

ate a fresh Venecia pineapple from Costa Rica yesterday and my tongue got red and sore and started bleeding ,first time that ever happened when eating pineapple could have been GMO and didn't know.thanks for the info

Old white dude said...

" GMOs are really really bad! " Really? Is this quote from your article the conclusion and totality of what is supposed to be scientific analysis? It makes it sound like it is was written a valley girl or a dropout from Ridgemont High. I am anti-GMO, and enjoy spreading the word, but am embarrassed by the lack of craft in this article.

Ashlie Grow said...

Old White Dude... I'm sorry if you don't like the way I wrote this post. I prefer to write the way I think and talk. If it is not your cup of tea, I completely understand. I am glad to hear that you are also anti- GMO. The more of us there are, the faster the truth will reach the masses. I do my research before posting and I am confident that I have shared truthful information that will benefit others. And you never know, maybe my style of writing will influence that dropout from Ridgemont high for the better ;-)

Domenico said...

Great article! I appreciate anyone spreading awareness about GMO, everybody needs to know the truth behind it! (patent rights and profit). I also admire your diplomatic approach to often times pointless criticism :)
I am new to this blog and this is the first article I read, but I hope to find more interesting articles like this one.
Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Ashlie...thanks for sharing...and don't let any comments stop you from continuing sharing knowledge of any kind. Anyone with any the ability to read should already know that you should do your own research on any subject before forming an opinion. Even someone with only basic reading skills should know that you can not automatically trust anything they read without doing their own research on any subject before forming a solid belief in it. Truth in any form of Media is an oxymoron these days and we all know that one should follow the basic BUYER BEWARE THEORY :) Share on... knowing that at least you will make anyone of any level begin to think about the subject at hand....and that is always a good thing in itself. Again Thanks for Sharing, and don't let the naysayers stop you!!!

Anonymous said...

This doesn't even mention the harmful and mass quantities of bee killing pesticides and chemicals used to farm these crops. I'm sure that I do not need to remind anybody that once the bees are gone there is not going to be a lot of food for everybody. Also, Costa Ricans or "ticos" have been holding protests over this. Vote with your dollar warn everybody and only buy real pineapples.

Anonymous said...

I like to be informed just wish there was more proof and facts about GMO. Most of the stories state that it's believed to be a problem

Anonymous said...

I understand that "science" has variables. Conclusive results aren't always possible. Much of the results in research can be fabricated pro or con.
Human error.
Why be test subjects? When there could very well be harm that cannot be reversed.
Cigarettes were once "safe" and doctors preferred certain brands.
The awful truths of health issues found were hidden, lied about or refuted. Depending how much money was at stake.
There was much money, so the harmful secrets continued.
Perhaps it is discovered. GMOs cause great harm. Once the seeds have fully taken over, there is no going back.
You cannot undo criss contamination.

Is it a rumor, or are there old fashioned non-gmo seeds in a frozen vault? Just in case?
No way of knowing if there will be consequences to this modification to our planets food.
Hopefully, there is none. I wont gamble with my health.
( I dont eat pre packaged, processed foods either. )

Healthy lives to all.

Caiden839 said...

For years I ate pineapple for breakfast every morning to help me diet from the enzymes. Approx. 3 years ago it began to be hard to find a pineapple that seemed properly ripened. Approx. 3 weeks ago I bought a pineapple from Whole Foods that was labeled something like "Extra Sweet." The pineapple was a beautiful golden yellow, as though it was perfectly ripe. The first two bites were delicious, but within a minute I started getting sick. It was as if I'd just drunk corn syrup. I am not a diabetic. Coincidentally, a friend mentioned having the same reaction to the pineapple he just bought. He had been testing his blood sugar and it suddenly shot up. Del Monte told me this yellow "Extra Sweet" is not GMO. All I can say is it is definitely genetically different from any pineapple I've had before. It also seemed to be lacking the enzymes I get from a real pineapple (as the real pineapple immediately gets my digestive juices flowing).

Anonymous said...

How do you tell a real pineapple from a GMO one? Also, where can you buy real pineapples? Thanks.